Trilogy Communications is one of the world's leading manufacturers
of broadband coaxial cable for Hybrid Fiber
Coaxial (HFC) applications, and a
technological leader in the
telecommunications industry with our high-
performance wireless products.

Trilogy was the first to offer a low-loss,
high quality coaxial cable. MC2® is a
crowning example of an ability to take the
leap from theoretical advantages to
practical applications. MC2® has a 93%
velocity or propagation, excels in durability
and ease of installation. It has the best
attenuation/size ratio in the industry.
MC2® provides unmatched mechanical
strength and flexibility, and moisture and
water migration is totally eliminated.
Trilogy has become a world leader in
manufacturing of its MC2® (broadband),
PerfectBonded 10® (broadband universal
replacement coaxial cable) and MVP (drop
for CATV applications).

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The amount of success Trilogy
experienced with CATV products led
directly to the development of our
wireless product line, AirCell®. This line of
patented, high-performance, low-loss 50
and 75 Ohm coaxial cables has been
designed exclusively for the wireless
communications market and employs the
same winning performance, technology
and reliable features as Trilogy's CATV

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